Oh Hi There! How are you? I’m good thanks for asking!
Who am I? What am I About?

alixI’m Alix.

I’m a 28 year old from a town 30 minutes north of Melbourne (as in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.)

My story in a nutshell is that I have lived in a few places around Australia (Newcastle NSW and Darwin NT to name just two….ok they are the only other places besides Melbourne that I have lived) and have always been passionate about seizing the moment and chasing happiness.

During my time in NSW and NT I became a crazy little party girl and never quite found that happiness I was chasing…until an unplanned pregnancy changed my life forever.

I gave birth to LJ in May of 2011 and my heart just about exploded. Through becoming a Mother I found happiness, I found contentment, I found purpose…I also found a life without alcohol, which is awesome. On paper my life now sounds borderline boring…But I am having the most fun imaginable.

I am still passionate about seizing the moment but I no longer have to “chase” happiness as I have it, I have created it.

I believe that you don’t have to have a lot of money to have a beautiful life, You just need to decide that your life is BEAUTIFUL.


My everyday now consists of spending as much time with LJ as I can, making memories and creating chaos. LJ is a free spirit and he encourages me to release my inner child. We enjoy going on adventures in our recently renovated vintage caravan and love our beautiful country of Australia. I can’t wait to explore every part of it over the next few years and hope that you will join us on our journey. Despite our love of traveling our house is our sanctuary and I am on a mission to love every part of it, DIY and furniture Upcycling is a large hobby of mine.

I believe that “Positivity breeds Positivity”

I have qualifications in Fitness and Early Childhood Education and Care and have been blogging for two and a half years (with this blog formerly called Fabufitmum)

The beach is my happy place, winter or summer, rain or shine.

I am happily single and have been for five years, but my heart has never been more full. I cannot wait to bring more children into the world, but enjoy every minute of the family unit that LJ and I have created. I am Single by choice, I am not looking to meet someone and am always surprised by just how much that surprises people!

So that’s pretty much me, I am an extremely complicated person while being super straightforward at the same time. I am a walking contradiction.

Apollo Bay VIC
Mt Gambier SA
The Grampians VIC
Adelaide SA
Country NSW
Great Ocean Road VIC
Lakes Entrance VIC
Tasmania (All of it!)
Swan Hill VIC
Daylesford VIC
Victor Harbour SA

Email me: alixhill@hotmail.com